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Make Offer — The Getaway Black Monday (Sony Playstation 2, 2005) PS2 Brand New Sealed The Getaway PS2 Disc Only Tested Sony Playstation 2 Ps2 Game JFJ Resurfaced Good $4.99. Find all our The Getaway Game Shark Codes for PlayStation 2. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

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Hidden Peugeot 306 And Ferrari Maranello!

As per ‘Playstation Magazine’ ‘begin your searchon the Westminster Bridge, facing the Houses OfParliament. Gaze at the marvel of Gothicarchitecture (the pointy building with the bigclock), then head west. Drive past Big Ben, andwhen you reach the first intersection, hang aleft. When you get to the roundabout, turn right.Follow the long stretch of blue boards on theright side of the street until you reach a gapwith a pile of cardboard boxes in it. Boldlydrive through the boxes!’ Now for my originalcontribution: once you get into the gap turnright into the hole and follow the path down tothe abandoned car park. On the right side of thecar park is the Ferrari (blue with whitestripes). And on the left side of the car parkis the Peugeot. (Note:the Peugeot is hiddenbehind the huge crate).

Hidden Ferrari 550 Maranello!

(Be sure to unlock free roaming mode beforetrying to find this car). 1st of all, look for agreen clock tower. (It should be in front of ahut). Then, take the road on the right. (NOTTHE ROAD ON THE LEFT!!!!) Drive a shortdistance and you will see a light brown fence.Eventually you will see a break in the fence,your new Ferrari is inside.

Flip Car Over

If you have a fast car, look for a sort of statuein the Chinatown Soho area. It is small and inthe middle of a sidewalk next to a one way roadand has some steps around it. Gain some speed andhit the steps at an angle without hitting thestatue itself. Your car should flip through theair.


Shoot tires out on any car. If you drive hardenough on the tires, they will fall off and youwill be riding on rims with flying sparks.

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Drive With No Tires

When walking around in free roam mode, stop a carand shoot the hood. After a few seconds it willcatch fire and the person in it will run outscreaming in flames. When the fire dies out, youcan get in the burnt car and drive. Since thefire destroys the tires, sparks will appear whenyou move.

Gas Tank Kills

Shoot a gas tank when an enemy is nearby toeasily kill them by burning.

Pistol Whip

If you have a gun, are close enough to somebody,and press Square to shoot at them, your charactermay whip them with the gun instead. Other peoplesuch as gang members or cops also do this to you.

Better Weapon Accuracy

Use this trick with inaccurate weapons at alonger such, as the AK. Instead of auto-aimingfor an enemy. use manual aim. Manual is perfectlyaccurate. Use this technique when shooting anenemy at medium range, or when an enemy is hidingbehind an object.

Mark Hammond Moves

Shoot hostage: With a gun, press X to get ahostage, then press Square.Break hostage’s neck: While unarmed, press X toget a hostage, then press Square.

Pedestrian Commentary

Walk down the sidewalk and listen carefully. Youcan sometimes hear people saying ‘Its that guy,Mark Hammond!’ or ‘Its the guy who killed hiswife!’. If you are in a shootout with the police,you can sometimes hear them say ‘Stop this nowHammond!’

Free Roam Mode: Gravel Driveway

Go forward, take the first left, and go to theend of that street. Then, take another left anddrive until you see the forest part of town. Takethe first left then your first right. Driveforward and there will be a turn. However, on thewall there is a gate. Go inside and follow theroad. You will find a Nissan Skilyne (white), TVRCerebra (bluish purple), Lotus Elise (white), andGo-Cart (blue). Note: When you go to drivewaytake a right turn when you see the Nissan. Therewill be a wall with an opening. The Lotus and Go-Cart are inside.

Aboard The Sol Vita Mission

A way of getting past all the gang members ondeck is to go to the steps. Do not go up them. Tothe left, you will see a tall crane. Attached tothe crane is a platform of tanks (oil drums). Goaround the back of them and you will see a gapyou can get into. Once you are in it, anintermission sequence will start. You will belifted past all of the gang members. By the timeyou are put down, they will mostly be dead. Thecrane will drop you where you need to be. Go upthe little steps to get into the ship.

Free Roam Mode: Get To Mansion

Make a full 180 degree turn, then go straight.Take the first left at the fork. Go straight andmake a right turn at the four way intersection.Drive straight, but keep to the left. You willeventually see a large empty space with a strangegate with bars on it. Take a left turn at thegate, then right, then stay to the left. Therewill there will be a hole in the wall. Enter thehole to find the mansion.

Bounce Car In Air

Steal the old 60’s looking sedan or coupe anddrive to the stairway at the reddish-brownbuilding at St. Pancreas Station. Drive off thetop of the staircase at full speed. When you hitthe ground, your car will bounce back up into theair about 20 feet.This should work in any part of the game that hasthe little medians with the small green, yellow,and white barrels on them. Get a car andaccelerate using the Right Analog-stick insteadof X. This allows you to accelerate faster. Hitthose medians dead center and watch the car liftabout 20 feet in the air, then hit the ground andbounce back up again. Also, on some streets youwill see a tow truck parked on the side of theroad with a ramp-like flatbed on the back. Trygoing up it very fast in certain cars. It maymake it up the ramp. Other cars will just crashinto the back of the flatbed Note: You have tohit it more to the right side of the ramp.


Successfully complete the first twelve missionsto unlock the ‘Credits’ option at the extrafeatures screen.

Health Recovery

If you have been getting damaged badly by enemiesand are close to dying, walk up next to a wall.Your character will lean up against it in orderto recover. With each breath your charactertakes, part of his bullet holes disappear untilhe is fully recovered. This may take a minute — make sure that no enemies are attacking you.If you are very badly, find a car and get intoit. Drive around a little bit. Get out and yourcharacter should be feeling slightly better. Ifhe is still hurting, drive around some more.

Small Boost

On certain cars you can get a small boost ofacceleration. When you are stopped, hold thehandbrake (R1) and hold X. Keep holding it untilthe car starts to move forward, even though youare still pressing the brake. Once it starts tomove forward, release R1. The car should rocketforward. On some cars, the wheels will just keepspinning and your car will slowly accelerate.This works well with the station wagon and theSaab.

Lose Pursuing Vehicles

When driving in a police or a gang chase, whenyou see the police car rubbing your car on theside, immediately break. The car will go forwardand slide. Then, continue on your mission.Although it will not help that much, you willstill lose the car sometimes. You can also ramthe police car when it swerves into a stop.

Catch Cars On Fire

When attempting to catch a car on fire, aim thefront with the pistol. Aim as low as you canwhile still hitting the car. It will smoke afterabout ten shots. After another few, the car willcatch fire. Note: When using AK47, the car willsometimes jump a few feet in the air whileerupting in flame.

Car Repair

Damage to your car will be repaired after anintermission sequence is triggered.

Big Air

Obtain an MKII (the car you start with in freeride mode) and go very fast along the Hyde Parkinner road. While speeding, hit one of the cementdividers in the middle of the road and your carshould fly up in the air. This also works if youhit one of the poles in the dividers at highspeed on some of the other roads.Go to the old appearing reddish-brown building atSt. Pancreas Station (along Maryborle Road). Youwill see a type of loop or drop off circle infront of it. At the point where it turns backaround is a staircase. Drive over the staircase.Drive up the sidewalk a few blocks, turn around,and drive back up the staircase at full speed.Your car will go flying through the air, andperhaps hit the other buildings if done fastenough.

Regaining Health

Just go over to a wall and Hammond will start torest and regain health.

Hidden Vehicles

If you have been getting damaged badly by enemies and are close to dying, walk upnext to a wall. Your character will lean up against it in order to recover. Witheach breath your character takes, part of his bullet holes disappear until he isfully recovered. This may take a minute — make sure that no enemies areattacking you.

Land Of Hope And Glory Mission With DC Carter

When you are escaping the Sol Vita and come down the stairs at the start, on theleft hand side there is an explosion which brings down a staircase blocking yourway through. However, first kill the men in front of you, then the man on thewalkway above the wreckage. Then, instead of having to go through the packageroom, where you fight Harry for Hammond, go up to the wreckage. There will be apart where the floorway meets the hand rails. If you roll in the correctlocation, Carter will roll straight through the wreckage, avoiding the packageroom area and saving time and health.

Skip Intermission Sequences

Press R3 to skip some intermission sequences. Note: Not all sequences can beskipped.

Turn Signals

In free roam mode, for added realism you can use your indicators (turn signals).Press L1 to indicate right and L2 to indicate left.

Infinite Ammunition

During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press Up, Down,Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. If you entered the codecorrectly, you will hear the sound of a woman groaning.

Double Health

During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hearthe sound of a woman groaning.

Play As DC Carter

Before the main menu comes up press Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Square.

Free Roam Mode

Before the Press Start screen comes, up press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Circle. You will hear a girl if you entered the code right.

Get A Pagani Zonda!!!

Before the fmv sequnce starts before the main menu appears press Up, Right, Down, L2, L2, R2, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up. This is the fastest car in the game but its notthat strong.

Armored Car

Before the main menu, press Up, Down, Left, RIght, Triange, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.

Armored Car Weapon

During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press Up, Down,Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, youwill hear the sound of a woman groaning. Note: The weapon can only be used duringmissions.

We have no unlockables for The Getaway yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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Glitch: Game Crash

There are two versions of the game. The newversion is edited for content and is missing theSnowhill level from the original release. If youtry to use a memory card with saved informationfrom the original version and try to load it withthe new version, the game will crash repeatedly.

Glitch: Stuck In Cargo Hole

When you are playing as Mark Hammond and are onthe Boat Sol Vita, kill all the gang members onthe deck and go around the back way. You willfind a forklift on that side. Along the deck is arailing with a large cargo hole on the otherside. Repeatedly jump and dive against therailing. It will catapult you onto the cargohole. You will not be able to get off or overunless you restart the level.

Glitch: Walk Around The World

Hit the barrier at the end of Wesminister Streetand Buckingham Palace Road at the correct angleand you can get through and walk for miles. It isfull of clouds, and you will suddenly reappear atanother end of the game. It may take a lot ofattempts to get through, as getting the correctangle can be quite difficult.

Corey Feldman InterviewDouble health

During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

All guns silenced

During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Special visual effects

Successfully complete the game. Then during the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Square, Triangle, Right, Circle, Left(2). If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash green. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Play as Jamahl

Successfully complete the Your Man With The Tattoo mission to unlock Jamahl in Free Roaming mode.

Play as Viktor

Successfully complete the Beginning Of The End mission to unlock Viktor in Free Roaming mode.

Play as Yuri

Successfully complete the Jimmer Collins mission to unlock Yuri in Free Roaming mode.

Blue LeMans

Search outside the Soreditch Boxing Club to find the Blue LeMans.

British one seater

A one-seater classic with a British flag painted on it can be found at two locations in the game. It resembles the one Mark Hammond started out with in Free Roaming mode in the original Getaway. The first location is available when playing with Madame Celina in Free Roaming mode. It is very close to her starting point (just look around). The second location is available when playing with Sam. It is on Union Street. Approach from Blackfrairs Road and you cannot miss it, parked on the right-hand side of the road.

Citroen Camper Van

Search on Kensigton Road, below Hyde Park to find the Citroen Camper Van.

Citroen Kebab Van

Search near Waterloo Road to find the Citroen Kebab Van.

Congestion Chargers van

Look in Soho where you started in the original Getaway with Hammond to find the van.


As Mitch in Free Roaming mode, when you start turn right and go right into the alley. You will see a grey and red convertible just across the street from your first garage in the Holborn area. Note: This is a convertible version of the Vauxhall VX220. It can be found in various places around the game, but this is the only convertible version.

EyeToy LeMans

Go to Marylebone and search near a garage where you can save your cars to find the EyeToy LeMans.

Lancia Delta Integrale

Make your way in Free Roaming mode to Belgrave Square (at the far bottom left of the map). Then, drive north towards Hyde Park and Wellington’s Monument. Immediately on the right you should see a Lancia Delta Integrale (in full rally-spec). Also this area seems to have absolute stacks of red and white Brabus (Smart car) roadsters.

Lancia Stratos

A Lancia Stratos street version (green) can be found when playing with Jamahl. From his starting location, drive past the gate and go right into the unnamed street. It is located next to a flat-building on the left side of this road.

Lotus police car

When you first start off with Mitch and get to where it is suitable to turn around, go to the first right, then turn left and left again. Go down until you get to the second tunnel. There should be a Lotus police car down there.

Mountain bike

When you start Free Roaming mode with Eddie, you are at the gas station on the yellow motorcycle. Get off the motorcycle and turn completely around. You will see a building that is half brick and half gray, with a red roof on the gas station property. Walk or ride the motorcycle to the back of this building. Leaning up against the back of the building is a mountain bike. Note: This may be the same type of bike as the push mountain bike that you find with Sam.

NYC taxi

In Free Roaming mode, go to Charlie Jolson’s house in Mayfair. When you get there, face the house and turn to your right. Continue down the street until a road merges from the right. You may want to use a car for this, as it is a good distance down the street. To the left are some parallel parking spaces, and this is where the taxi is found.

Orange Le Mans car

An orange Le Mans car can be found in Free Roaming mode (all characters). It is found at the unnamed street in between Great Portland Street and Tottenham Court Road at the upper-left part of the map.

Penny Farthing

Go to Mayfair and search in front of a big archway at the top left of the area to find the Penny Farthing.

Ps2 Cheats Codes

Peugeot 406

In Free Roaming mode, choose Viktor as your player. You will start in a purple Brabus outside the Skobel building in the city. Exit the Skobel building, turn down the side street directly opposite and drive to the end where you will have to take a right turn. Just ahead you will find the Peugeot 406 from the film ‘Taxi’. It has one of the fastest top speeds of any car in the game and handles brilliantly.

Pickup Truck

Search the northeast part of Southwark to find a pickup truck with a machine gun.

Push bike mountain

When you start off with Sam, look behind you. There will be a push bike mountain.

Singstar Party GT

Around Horton Square in Shoreditch is a Singstar Party GT car.

The Getaway LeMans

Search behind the Tower of London to find The GetawayLeMans.

TVR Sagaris

In Free Roaming mode, there is a TVR Sagaris hidden near charging cross station. Just before the station (coming towards Trafalgar Square on the strand) is a left turn — pedestrianized bit that becomes a street. Go down the road. On the left hand side is a turning into an underground car park; the Sagaris is inside.

Vauxhall rally car

Look around the St. Pancras area. Look for an alleyway go down to find an old Vauxhall rally car.

Vauxhall VX

Search behind the police station to find the Vauxhall VX.

Alternate ending

In Chapter 18, allow Jackie to die. When you reach Chapter 22, there will be an alternate ending and a different chapter than the one that can be played if you had saved her. Additionally, in Chapter 13, get out of the car instead of taking Sam to the Skobel building. In addition to Chapter 14 playing differently, when you reach Chapter 22, there will be an alternate ending.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the ‘Making of’ video at the special features menu, all races, the Black Cab levels, all chases, and all Free Roaming mode characters.

Saving cars

When you start Free Roaming mode with Mitch in the Police Laguna, turn around. You will see a turning, and there will be a garage with a white door with little holes in it. Drive a car into it, park it, then save. The car will be there the next time you go here. Additionally, use the following trick to get a car you see in missions but cannot get in Free Roam mode. Drive the desired car into the nearest garage and save the game. Then, go back to Free Roam mode. Go to the garage you saved the car in and it will be there.

The Getaway Ps2 Game Cheats Ps2

Garage locations

The Getaway references

In Free Roaming mode, go to the old Yardie courtyard where the Triads and Yardies fought in The Getaway. Go into the old area with bin bags and rubbish (behind the used cars building). You will see the body of Suzie, Hammond’s dead wife. Additionally, in Free Roaming mode, go to the area of Shoreditch. You should see orange rubbish lorries (garbage trucks). On the windscreen wipers are a little doll of Mark Hammond.

Cheats For Ps2

Go to Charlie Jolson’s House in Mayfair from The Getaway. Go around the back to the white colored garage. Use your car to ram through the garage door. You will end up in Charlie Jolson’s garage and can walk around his house. Note: You must restart Free Roaming mode afterwards because you will get stuck in the house.

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